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Model Year

1999 (1)
2007 (1)

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Used Aircraft for Sale (LSA)

Condition: Used.

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We found 2 listings posted in 'Aircraft For Sale'. We looked for used items having 'lsa' in the title just like you wanted. Enjoy and thank you for visiting!
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1999 Thorp T18-C Tiger Complete Experimental LSA 183.1 AFTT Lycoming IO-320-B1A
9 days ago
ID#: 380954293398
Price: $11,600.00      23 bids
2 hours 45 minutes 3 seconds left.
2007 CZAW SportCruiser LSA Sport Plane 133TT
6 days ago
ID#: 251595782324
Price: $82,000.00 OBO
21 hours 10 minutes 44 seconds left.

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